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dFs Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors provides governance of our organization by ensuring that the agency operates in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and its own bylaws. This includes conducting regular and annual meetings at specified intervals and keeping a record of meeting minutes, which are reviewed and approved. Other major functions of the Board of Directors are fiscal oversight of the agency, approval of the agency budget, and approval of the purchase of property and other major capital expenditures. Our board members also support our agency through contributions and sponsoring major fundraisers which have supported our Drop-In Center, our building fund and other special projects over the years.

Our Board is composed of nine to twelve community members who represent different areas of expertise. Our board also includes a client representative and a family member representative. We are very fortunate that our board has a mix of long-term and more recent members who all bring their various talents to the table to benefit our agency.

Audra Kosmowski – President
Carole Giroski – Vice President
Ken Johnston – Treasurer
Janet Puhak – Secretary
Julie Cylencia – Member
Russell Swauger – Member
Matthew Fabian – Member
Maureen Dunn – Member
Vikki Gruitza – Member
Lloyd Laughlin – Member
Ann U’Halie – Member
Robert States – Member
Soraya Hejazi – Member

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Client Advisory Council

Client Advisory Committee members are ambassadors to the community. They discuss satisfaction with services and ideas for improvement. The committee plans at least one workshop or social activity each year. In 2016, they sponsored a lunch and training on understanding feelings and emotions. They have also started a support group that meets regularly to talk about topics such as dealing with stress. In addition, they are active with candy sales and fund raising to help defray expenses for special client events.

If you would like to contact one of the committee members to share your ideas, please call the office and leave a message for Carol Medford.

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dFs Community Advisory Committee

The goal of the Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is to support and strengthen the relationship between dFs and business, industry, educational systems and the community at large. Committee members increase their knowledge about dFs and provide information and recommendations to our Board and administrators about community needs and opportunities.

The CAC has 10-15 members who represent our community in terms of occupations, geographic location, and an interest in services for people with intellectual disabilities. Members are formally appointed by the Development Committee of the Board of Directors to serve a three year membership on the committee. Members who serve on the committee this fiscal year include from The committee members made suggestions about improving dFs outreach to the community. Over the past year the committee members also assisted by giving input regarding the special topics of: professionalism, staff recruitments, employment screening processes, emergency preparedness, and life sharing thru family living.
If you are interested in becoming a member of the Community Advisory Committee, please contact either Stacey Cannon or Lorraine Livosky for more information.

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